The Imber Ultra

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Sunday, 5th March 2023, at 09:00

Entries now open

TRA Licence Number: 5383

This event is held under England Athletic rules

This event is the joint enterprise of AVR and the Rotary Club of Westbury

The proceeds for this event will be given to charities supported by the Rotary Club of Westbury, which in the past have included Prostate & Breast Cancer research charities and a Ugandan Well project .

Route Notes for 2023 - Anti-Clockwise direction - This is a pdf file

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Map created by Map My Run with elevation (33 miles compresed into about 5 inches!)

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... and a source file which you may be able to upload to your garmin or watch.
Your positve feedback would be welcome - I haven't managed to make it work on mine ... Click here for the source file

This file is known to work with a Tomtom Runner 3 watch