The Imber Ultra

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Sunday, Early March 2022 tbc, at 09:00

TRA Licence Number: 3271

This event is held under England Athletic rules

This event is the joint enterprise of AVR and the Rotary Club of Westbury

The proceeds for this event will be given to charities supported by the Rotary Club of Westbury, including Prostate & Breast Cancer research charities and a Ugandan Well project .

There are a lot more photos here to download, so please be patient ... they're also worth it!

James Denison
Lee Cutting
Paul Stout and Richard Browning
Ian Holmes
Linn Erixon Sahlstrom
Clive Noyes
Paula Hewitt
Dave Telfer
Henry Church
Marina Ranger
Nichola Newton
George Browning and James Page
Jon Meek
Peter Ormrod
Stephan Godfrey
Mark Barnett
Leo Simikel
Dan Mistretta
Dan Mistretta
Bjorn Lawton
Paula Jones
Dale Mccarter
Mark Fraser
Simon Morgan
Peter Elms
Jim Ehlert
Dan Adams
Nichola Newton receiving her trophy
Paula Jones receiving her trophy
Marina Ranger
Nichola Newton
Paula Jones
Dave Telfer
Peter Lane
Stewart Liesnham and Glenn Bowyer
Kendra Hughes
Jenny Mills
Kate Robertson and Lucy Peazold
Edward Casper, Peter Barty and Paul Stephens
Fareham Crusaders Running Club
Stuart Arguile

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