The Imber Ultra

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Sunday, Early March 2022 tbc, at 09:00

TRA Licence Number: 3271

This event is held under England Athletic rules

This event is the joint enterprise of AVR and the Rotary Club of Westbury

The proceeds for this event will be given to charities supported by the Rotary Club of Westbury, including Prostate & Breast Cancer research charities and a Ugandan Well project .


In order to avoid the faster runners having to wait until the slower athletes have finished we will be holding two separate presentations:

The trophies/prizes are as follows:

Maximum of one individual trophy per person. (e.g. if the third overall man is aged 55 he would receive the Male 3rd place trophy and the Male V50 trophy would go to the fastest V50 outside the top three overall)

Goody bags will be available for all finishers.