The Imber Ultra

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Sunday, 6th March 2022, at 09:00

Entries will open in late October

TRA Licence Number: 4301

This event is held under England Athletic rules

This event is the joint enterprise of AVR and the Rotary Club of Westbury

The proceeds for this event will be given to charities supported by the Rotary Club of Westbury, which in the past have included Prostate & Breast Cancer research charities and a Ugandan Well project .

Places at which spectators can view the event and suggestions for car parking at control points

See below the map for the descriptive notes:

Do not attempt to park at the Recreation Centre - you will be turned away if you do

Imber Ultra 2022 - Clockwise Direction

Notes for Spectators

The race organisers are very supportive of spectators. For Southern England much of the course is fairly remote, so we are very happy if people want to follow/support their runner. From experience at other races we know that following spectators can end up "adopting" other runners as well, as they keep seeing them every few miles. This is greatly appreciated!

The Imber Ultra course is not the easiest to follow in a car and some parts are a long way from the road. We hope the following notes are helpful. You really need an OS or good road map to follow the course by car.

Start to CP5 and CP4 and then CP3

The route follows the north edge of Salisbury Plain. The easiest points to see the runners are on the south side of the area behind the White Horse. But your runner may be through here before you get there if you watch them start.

Follow the Imber Road from Bratton up to CP5.

Turn south off the B3098 before you get to Erlestoke Golf Club. You drive up a steep hill and join the route.

Plenty of parking here.

After CP4. South of West Lavington off the A360 at Gore Cross. The route does a sharp dogleg just before the A360. You can see your runner coming from a long way here and there is also plenty of parking.

In Tilshead near the petrol station. After CP3 The runners come down the road from the west, run on the pavement across the road from the petrol station before diving down a footpath / drive on the right.

Before CP2.

In Chitterne the runners will come onto the road and pass through the junction between the main road and the road to Tilshead.

Between CP2 and CP1

Off the A36 almost opposite the east end of Heytesbury village is a road with a wide entrance, but no signpost! This leads up to East Hill Farm. The route comes down the road from East Hill Farm then dives off West up the hill about 300m before the A36 (signposted IRPP). Places to park on this road.

After CP1

We suggest the next place to easily meet your runner is also where you will be most welcome. From CP1 the route gets hiller and the longest gap between CPs is this last leg.

The route goes through Warminster Garrison. In Warminster take the Imber Road. After about a mile you will see the high fences of the Land Warfare Centre on your left. The runners come down Imber Road and take Elm Hill road (their right) at the Garrison Church. Your support will be very welcome and also there will be no problem parking on a Sunday morning around here.

After that we suggest you get back to Westbury as quickly as you can!

We hope these notes are helpful. Any questions before the race or comments after the race please mail Richard, the race director.

The race depends on the goodwill of the locals for it to run, so please drive and park courteously wherever you are, with consideration for people getting out of their driveways, for example. Thank you for being a vital part of the event!